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Laboratory of Propulsion Complexes of ships

Head of Laboratory: Andryushin Alexandr, Doctor of Technical Science
Tel: +7 (812) 217-8105 (office), +7 921 918-6989 (mob.)
Fax: +7 (812) 274-3864
Address: 191015, lit A, 6, Kavalergardskaya str., St.Petersburg
E-mail: propulsionlab@cniimf.ru

Laboratory of propulsion complexes of ships was established in 2013 and is an independent laboratory of the Institute. Our laboratory deals with a wide range of scientific and practical issues oriented to improve performance and safety of shipping operations including icebreakers and ice-going ships.

CNIIMF is an authority body in the field of certification of works and services. Dr. Andryushin is an accredited expert on the fulfillment of:

  • Expertise of operational characteristics of propulsion complexes;
  • Expertise of operational characteristics of ice-going ships and icebreakers;
  • Expertise of propulsion complexes compliance with normative requirements.


Propulsive complexes (Azimuth thrusters):

Fulfilment of research and design works, technical developments of propulsion complexes of ships in order to provide safe and effective operation of ships including icebreakers, ice-going and double-acting ships:

  • Theoretical and practical support of development and creation of perspective propulsion complexes
  • Development of design and operational requirements to propulsion complexes
  • Development of proposals on normative requirements to strength, operability and power of propulsion complexes
  • Development of propeller shaft design for icebreakers and ice-going ships
  • Audit of propulsion complexes (Azimuth thrusters) designing, expertise of their technical and operational characteristics as well as design documentation including compliance with Classification Societies requirements

Propeller designing for ice going vessels and icebreakers

Operational strength of ice-going ships including icebreakers and double-acting ships:

  • Determination of ice loads acting on the elements of icebreaking propulsion complexes as well as expertise of their operability and strength sizes including azimuth thrusters.
  • Determination of ice loads acting on hull of a ship including bulb and stern of double-acting ships; development of proposals on the existing normative requirements.
  • Fulfilment of calculations to provide “Certificate of permissible navigational ice conditions” of RMRS (“Ice Certificate”), including double-acting ships going astern taking into account propulsion complex strength.
  • Audit and expertise of design documents including compliance with the requirements of classification societies.

Providing of operational strength of icebreaking azimuth thrusters. Calculation of ice loads acting on azimuth thrusters (subject of special consideration of RS)

Ice certificate: Determination of ice loads acting on hull and permissible speeds under ice conditions

General design works on theory of ship:

  • Optimization of dimensions and development of hull lines of ships (including ice-going ships) taking into account CFD calculation of hydrodynamics resistance.
  • Calculation of ship’s propulsion in open water and in ice conditions taking into account propulsion complex arrangement.
  • Estimation of stability and floodability to comply with the requirements of different classification societies.
  • Maintenance (development model tests programs, experimental data processing, scientific consultancy service, reporting), technical support and audit of model tests in ice and hydrodynamic basins.
  • Maintenance (development of full-scale programs, experimental data processing, scientific consultancy service, reporting), technical support and audit of ice trials in ice conditions as well.
  • Audit of designing, expertise of operational characteristics of ice-going ships, research and design documents including compliance with classification societies requirements.

“Pushing-Pulling” large capacity LNGC

Ice-going tanker fitted with bulb
(high ice and hydrodynamic performance)

Active ice going shuttle tanker for independent navigation under ice conditions of The Kara Sea

Ice capability and strength of ships fitted with bulb


Support of ice trials

OUR projects

During 2013-2015 our Laboratory took part in the following projects:

  • Scientific maintenance and analysis of model tests of 170 000m3 gas-carrier for transportation of LNG from Sabetta (contract with Jamal LNG)
  • Scientific maintenance of designing and model tests of large-capacity tanker for oil transportation from Ob Bay (maintenance of tests, development of recommendations on hull lines, providing of strength and operability of icebreaking azimuth thruster, contract with “GAZPROM NEFT TRADING GMBH”)
  • Calculation of safe speed of icebreaking ship Arktika for test ice conditions and safe speeds curve in dependence with ice thickness (according to the contract with RMRS within the frameworks of the development of methodological grounds of ice certificate for IACS
  • Expertise of the results of investigations of PC3 (Arc 7) category ship for year-round transportation of large modules to the port of Sabetta, as well as consideration of research and design documents for the compliance with RMRS requirements and IACS for the polar classes (I1, I2, I3) (contract with Yamal LNG)
  • Development of the proposals to improve RS requirements for ice going ships including power, operability and operating reliability of modern double-acting ships and icebreakers (within the frameworks of contract with Krylov State Research Centre “Development and substantiation of governmental system of requirements, regulating maritime activities in arctic conditions”
  • Development of recommendations for the concept, hull lines and propulsion complex for small tanker and buoy-maintenance vessel of Arc 4 and Arc 7 categories


Our partners and customers are the biggest oil and gas companies («Yamal LNG», “GAZPROM NEFT TRADING GMBH”), shipbuilding research and design bureaus (Zelenodolsk Design Bureau, Petrobalt etc.), Russian Maritime Register of shipping as well as shipping companies (SKF, Viking Supply Ships etc.)


Requirements of Classification societies and Sea Administrations:

  • RMRS Rules for the classification and construction of sea-going ships
  • Finnish-Swedish ice class Rules 2010, 23.11.2010 TRAFI/31298/
  • DNV, ABS, GL, LR, BV, NK requirements
  • Unified IACS rules to ships of polar classes I1,I2,I3


  • Collection of Regulating Documents, book Twelve, ND № 2-139902-017-E, 2004, RMRS.
  • Collection of normative and methodological material – book 20
  • TY5.485-11826-2003.
  • TY5.961-11835-2003.
  • TY.961-11836-2003.
  • ISO 3715 Shipbuilding – Sip screw propellers –List of equivalent terms.
  • OST 5.4129-75 Complex: propulsion propeller- control shroud. Calculation methods and  rules of designing.
  • OST 5.0317-80 Fixed pitch propellers of seaborne ships. Rules of mathematical configuration of blade surface.
  • GOST 25815-83 СЕСЭВ 3042-81 Propellers. Terms and definitions.
  • GOST P 52692-2006 Shipbuilding. Ship screw propellers. Manufacturing tolerances. Part 1. Propellers of diameter greater than 2.5m.
  • ISO 484/1-81 Ship screw propellers. Manufacturing tolerances. Part 1 Propellers of diameter greater than 2.5m.
  • GOST 8054-81 Metal propellers/ General technical conditions.
  • GOST 24725-81 Ship shaftlines. General technical conditions.
  • Guidelines for the application of the Finnish-Swedish ice class rules - TRAFI, Swedish Transport Agency, Trafi/21816/
  • Methodological recommendations on calculations of admissible modes of movement of ships in ice – ND № 2-039901-003, RMRS, St. Petersburg, 2012.


    ITTC (International Towing Tank Conference), Recommended Procedures and Guidelines:
  • 7.5-02 –Testing and Extrapolation Methods
  • 7.5-02-01 General
  • 7.5-02-02 Resistance
  • 7.5-02-03 Propulsion
  • 7.5-02-03-01 Performance
  • 7.5-02-03-02 Propulsor
  • 7.5-02-03-03 Cavitation
  • 7.5-02-04 Ice Testing
  • 7.5-02-04-02.2 Propulsion tests in ice
  • 7.5-02-05 High speed Marine Vessels
  • 7.5-02-06 Maneuverability
  • 7.5-02-07 Loads and Responses
  • 7.5-02-07-01 Environmental Modelling
  • 7.5-02-07-02 Sea keeping
  • 7.5-02-07-04 Stability
  • 7.5-03 CFD
  • 7.5-04 Full Scale Measurements
  • 7.5-04-01 Speed and Power trials
  • 7.5-04-02 Maneuverability
  • 7.5 -04-03-01 Ice testing